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Since: Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Email Address: ecel@callboxinc.com

Phone number: 310-362-3194

Website URL: http://callboxinc.com <-- DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK!

Post Title: Callbox: Appointment Setting Program

Location: salem, OR

States affected: OR - oregon    

Received the following unsolicited email:


I'd like to know if your company can use some help with
cold calling prospects and setting appointments for your salespeople. We
perform such services and apart from helping boost your local business we
can even expand your reach by looking for potential national customers.
If you're available this week, Id be happy to talk to you anytime or I
can have one of our available sales reps call you. Just let me know how
best to reach you.

Learn more about our Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services

Optimizing sales performance.



Ecel Li
Inside Sales Account Executive
Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions
Encino, CA

Direct Line: 310-362-3194

Optimizing sales performance.

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