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Since: Thursday, November 3, 2011

Email Address: Martin350.Erin@hotmail.com

Location: nationwide

States affected: ALL - pretty much everywhere    

"Opportunity available for a Maintenance Technician.
Maintenance Technician Duties:
* Repair and maintain equipment
* Responsible for electrical, mechanical and plumbing fixtures as well as structural facilities and the property grounds
* Provide excellent customer service
* High school diploma or equivalent

We are accepting applications via email at Martin350.Erin@hotmail.com
Competitive Pay"

"We are now searching for a Housekeeping Team Member.

Candidates must be hardworking, reliable, and maintain a positive attitude.
The Housekeeping Team Member will:

-Pick up trash throughout the store
-Do minor repairs
-Retrieve shopping carts from the parking lot
-Manage inventory
This position offers benefits and a flexible schedule.
Send your application to Martin350.Erin@hotmail.com"

Report to the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/

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Nov 04, 2011

Another one: mary.gary31@yahoo.com



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