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Since: Friday, September 7, 2012

Email Address: BruceZailo@live.com

Post Title: Full Time/Part Time Receptioni​st/Bookkee​per

Location: visalia-tulare

States affected: CA - california    

Here is the email I recieved.

Hey again,

In case the posting was not clear, the responsibilities of this place are as follows: you will be answering the telephone and taking messages whenever applicable, you will be scheduling the corporate meetings, and running errands for the corporate for things for example purchasing supplies and making bank deposits (you will be provided with a company car). While you're running errands, you'll also be given 1 of our company bank card(s) for all company purchases.

You seem certainly qualified for our job opening, and much more so than the other four applicants we received applications from. I would like to take the next step with you. Nevertheless, before I'm able to schedule a formal meeting, my company will require that you acquire a current (past 14-21 company days) credit score report. We started this simply because our company had some poor incidents with prior employees taking advantage of having access to a company bank card.

Both myself and the company will prefer it that you use this Credit Report to acquire your check as their scores usually report back the most factual and accurate information.

Once you submit all of the required information, they will show your personal report. Then, you need to e-mail me the reported credit score score, a telephone number that you may be easily reached, and your availability schedule to arrange an interview.

I ask you to not e-mail me the whole report, as it will have private content. If you possess a lower than expected credit score score, it will never stop you from a place with us. I had a fairly low score whenever I was hired.

If you don't wish to complete a current credit score check, regrettably the corporate will require that I contact the second option.

Personally, I'm hoping to fill this place with a new friendly face and am looking forward to your fast response.

I replyed to this asking for the company name so I could know a little more about who I was working for(I have made the mistake of giving my address to one of these scams before so now I'm very careful). He never replied so I decieded to look into him and sure enough I found many people he had scammed. I hope this helps

Report to the FTC at https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/

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Sep 11, 2012
In Arizona also....

He has a craigslist ad to for AvalonBay, and has copied the company description word for word from their website...only problem is that AvalonBay does not work out of Arizona! Idiot! Hope this helps others!



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